This is a Chromium Tab extension for Google Chrome.
Another Chromium inside Chrome. Display web pages using another Chromium engine in Chrome tab.
This extension is based on Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF1, single process implementation).
This extension supports only Windows.

*Display web pages using Chromium in Chrome tab
*Easy to clean up completely all browsing data from Chromium (cache,history,cookies,storage...)
*Easy to change the user-agent with "window.navigator.userAgent" and accept language header
*Easy to change the Chromium's locale (Changing "window.navigator.language" value)
*Chrome->Chromium Tab cookies sync (keep login status or session)
*Print,Find... and basic browsing features support
*Separate Process Architecture. Chrome main process and memory is not affected by Chromium Tab
*Multi-tab type
*Developper tools
*Chrome contextmenu support
*Support various features and options

Known Issues
This extension is based on Chromium Embedded Framework 1 version (CEF1, single process implementation). so, It will inherit CEF1's problems.
*Some crash with flash plugin, mostly flash ads
*HTML5 audio,video does not support

1. Install Chromium Tab extension from Chrome Webstore

2. Download Chromium Embedded Framework
Chromium Tab requires Chromium Embedded Framework binary.
After downloading, Extract to any folder. It does not require installation.
Then, Set the path in Chromium Tab option.

Download CEF -> Extract to any folder -> Chromium Tab option (Alt+O) -> Set the folder's path

chromium_cef_bin_1.1180.832.0_windows.7z or

Help & FAQ

What is a Chromium Embedded Framework?
Chromium Embedded Framework

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Chromium Tab, since 2013