This is a Chromium Tab extension for Google Chrome.
Another Chromium inside Chrome. Display web pages using another Chromium engine in Chrome tab.
This extension is based on Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF1, single process implementation).
This extension supports only Windows.
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How to remove Chromium Tab history?
You can use "Clear all" menu in Chromium Tab.
This will completely clean up all browsing data from Chromium (cache,history,cookies,storage...)

When Chromium Tab is freeze or hang. What should I do?
When occurs some freeze or hang state from Chromium, you can terminate process manually.
Open Windows Task Manager -> Find "ChromiumTab_core.exe" -> Kill Process

Some sites do not work cookies sync (keep login session).
Yes, Some sites do not support cookies sync.
This site is blocking cookies sync for cross-browser. but It works well on most sites.

Why can't I sync this extension access multiple computers?
Chrome doesn't sync any extension which contains an NPAPI plugin.

Chromium Tab supports Windows 8?
Yes, but it only supports Desktop Mode. Windows 8 metro mode dose not support NPAPI plugin.

Can I hide the browser action icon?
In Chrome 9 and higher versions, you can right click on the icon and click on "Hide button".

Why can't I install this extension on Chrome OS,MAC,Linux?
This extension contains an NPAPI plugin and requires Chromium Embedded Framework for Windows, which is unsupported on Chrome OS,MAC,Linux.

Does this extension supports multi user session? (Chrome 16 and later)
This extension contains an NPAPI plugin.
Chrome does not fully support NPAPI plugin in multi user session. So, This extension can not be used simultaneously in multiple session.
In a later version of Chrome, this problem may be fixed. but It's not clear.

Chromium Tab, since 2013