This is a Pig Toolbox (Super Gestures) extension for Google Chrome.
This extension has a powerful mouse gestures features and various functions.
This extension will help to save the memory. And it is much more convenient than before in using Chrome.
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Why can't I sync this extension access multiple computers?
Chrome doesn't sync any extension which contains an NPAPI plugin.

Pig Toolbox supports Windows 8?
Yes, but Windows 8 metro mode dose not support NPAPI plugin or any win32 stuff.
So some features for Windows do not support on metro mode.

Can I hide the browser action icon?
In Chrome 9 and higher versions, you can right click on the icon and click on "Hide button".

Does this extension supports multi user session? (Chrome 16 and later)
This extension contains an NPAPI plugin.
Chrome does not fully support NPAPI plugin in multi user session. So, This extension can not be used simultaneously in multiple session.
In a later version of Chrome, this problem may be fixed. but It's not clear.

Why does this extension require accessing all data on my computer?
It's because this extension uses an NPAPI plugin to support features like "Super gesture,Wheel gestures,Rocker gestures,Set wallpaper,Chrome shortcuts emulator,Web image toolmenu,Open external program..."
As long as you install an extension using an NPAPI plugin, Chrome will warning you like this.

Pig Toolbox (Super Gestures), since 2010