This is a IE Tab Multi extension for Google Chrome.
IE Tab Multi is a most similar to original IE behavior.
You can see IE only site without leaving Chrome and you can run ActiveX controls.
This extension supports only Windows.

*Multi-Tab type IE,Internet Explorer inside Chrome
*In-Chrome Process and Separate Process Architecture Dual-mode support
*Chrome->IE Tab or IE cookies sync (keep login status or session)
*IE Address bar, IE Favorites
*Mouse gesture, User defined hotkey
*Chrome contextmenu support (Open link with IE Tab Multi)
*AutoURL support
*Auto login support
*Allow right click support
*Bookmark current URL in Chrome
*Screenshot,capture webpage
*Import,export all program data
*Open new pop-up with original IE (Old IE Tab style support)
*Open current URL in Chrome
*Open current URL in IE
*Support menu shortcut
*Save,load tabs
*Theme Support (normal,gray,silver,blue...) and user defined color
*Icon pack support
*Unicode support
*Offers many features and options (print,save as,work offline,font size,other IE default features...)

Dual-mode support  IE Tab Multi Architecture
*In-Chrome Process Architecture (IPA)
In-Chrome Process Architecture is classical basic style of IE Tab Multi or other IE Tab.

*Separate Process Architecture (SPA)
IE Tab Multi has been upgraded to Separate Process Architecture.
If malfunctioning or repetitive crash occurs in ActiveX related websites,
SPA dramatically will solve that problem.
SPA is the most similar to IE and most stable than other IE Tab,
Because it works in separate process and separate memory space.
Chrome main process and memory is not affected by IE Tab anymore.
If you have a problem with SPA, Use In-Chrome Process Architecture (IPA).

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zh_CN (Chinese Simplified): 黄 强 (ptwxhq)
zh_TW (Chinese Traditional): 黄 强 (ptwxhq)

IE Tab Multi, since 2010