This is a Pig Toolbox (Super Gestures) extension for Google Chrome.
This extension has a powerful mouse gestures features and various functions.
This extension will help to save the memory. And it is much more convenient than before in using Chrome.

Pig Toolbox, No update anymore.
Chrome, Drop Support for NPAPI Plugins.

*Super gestures (mouse gestures)
*Wheel gestures
*Rocker gestures
*Super drag
*Super one click
*User defined context menu
*User defined shortcuts
*Screenshot,capture and share

*Double click on a tab to close it
*Right click on a tab to close it
*Scroll mouse wheel on the tab strip to switch tabs
*Hold down the right mouse button, then scroll wheel to switch tabs
*When you press enter in address bar with a URL, open the URL in a new tab
*Confirm before closing multiple tabs
*Do not close window when closing last tab, create a new tab instead
*Force tab to front when new tab opened

Help & FAQ

Pig Toolbox (Super Gestures), since 2010